MULTY® Amber Beacon Light Mount

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  • Two model options: 10″ x 10″ and 5″ x 5″ mounting plates
  • Aluminum
  • Sandblasted and powder-coated
  • Universal compatibility with MULTY® Headache Racks and Bike Racks
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Elevate Your Safety Standards with MULTY® Amber Beacon Light Mount

Enhance the visibility and safety of your vehicle with the Beacon Light Mount, a robust and universal solution designed for seamless integration with any MULTY® Headache Rack or Bike Rack. Available in two models to cater to your specific needs: the MULTY® Amber Beacon Light Mount 10, featuring a 10″ x 10″ mounting plate, and the MULTY® Amber Beacon Light Mount 5, with a more compact 5″ x 5″ mounting plate.

Durable Construction for Uncompromised Safety, the MULTY® Amber Beacon Light Mount

  • Premium 5000 Series Aluminum: Built with the strength to last, using high-grade aluminum that promises durability through the toughest of conditions.
  • Sandblasted and Powder-Coated Finish: Not only is this bracket built to last, but it also retains its aesthetic appeal with a finish that resists wear and tear, ensuring it looks great for years.

Adaptable and Versatile Design

  • Universal Compatibility: The Amber Beacon Light Mount is Designed to fit flawlessly onto any existing MULTY® Headache Rack or Bike Rack, offering a secure mounting solution for your safety beacons.
  • Flexible Installation Options: With a capacity of 50 lbs, this bracket accommodates most round, square, and rectangle safety strobe beacons. The addition of a wiring hole on the bottom side provides the convenience of easy installation and placement flexibility.

Customizable for Optimal Visibility

  • Tailored Placement: Install your safety beacon on the Amber Beacon Light Mount exactly where you need it, whether that’s over the cab for heightened visibility or over the truck’s box for rear alertness. The bracket’s design allows for installation on the driver side, passenger side, middle, or anywhere in between on the MULTY® rack system crossbar, ensuring your setup meets your specific requirements.

Proudly Made in North America

  • Local Craftsmanship: Take pride in a product that’s designed and manufactured in North America, offering the assurance of high-quality materials and workmanship.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you have a reliable safety beacon mount enhances your road safety and visibility, providing comfort not just to you but to all road users.

The Beacon Light Mount is not just an accessory; it’s an essential safety upgrade for your vehicle. Whether you’re navigating through heavy traffic or working in low-visibility conditions, this light mount ensures you’re seen and safe. Choose the right size for your needs and take a step towards enhanced safety and visibility today. With the MULTY® Amber Beacon Light Mount, you’re investing in durability, versatility, and the peace of mind that comes with superior safety standards.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 5 in

10" x 10", 5" x 5"

Required Parts

MULTY® Headache Rack (any model) OR MULTY® Bike Rack (any model)


Sand Blasted & Powder Coated




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